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Information about the surrounding area

Livathos is the municipality in which Spartia is situated. There are many great places to visit that are close by, easily accessible by car.



In 187 B.C., the Romans came to occupy the island and held it until 395 A.D. It then became part of the Byzantium Empire until 1185, when the Venetians took control. They built an impressive castle east of the present capital of Argostoli, and made it the new capital of the island. Built in the shape of a polygon, it sprawls over an area of 1,600 sq. m and the perimeter of the walls is 600 m.
It is situated in the village of Agios Georgios on the top of the hill close to Travliata. The name comes from a Byzantine chapel for St George or Agios Georgios in Greek. The chapel doesn’t exist today as it was already in ruins when the Venetians started building the castle in 1500. During the Venetian Domination, it used to be the capital of the island with a population of 15000 people inside and at the surroundings. In 1757 the capital was transferred to Argostoli. Also notable is that a secret passage is supposed to exist that leads around the area of Argostoli and was used as an emergency exit during sieges.
It does not impress by the state it is in so much rather with the fact that one would hardly expect to find something of this scale in Kefalonia. Opening times during the tourist season are 09.00 until 18.30 but things are rather not well organized so you may find it closed with the excuse of renovation.



Very close by is the MONASTERY of St ANDREAS.


This peaceful monastery was first built during the Byzantine era only to be almost completely destroyed by the powerful earthquake that hit Kefalonia in 1953. The only structure of the old convent that survived the earthquake is now a small museum that exhibits various artifacts. Some of these artifacts date as far back as the 14th Century. Also a more cheerful side to the 1953 earthquake was that some of the plaster came off revealing beautiful Byzantine frescoes.
Also in the monastery one can find the Holy remains of the right foot of Apostle Andrew, the most valuable treasure of the church (an orthodox holy relic), which is kept in a golden casket.
Open for visits from 7am to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm.



These Mycenaean tombs were discovered in 1908 by local archaeologist P. Kavadias and are also situated very close from the castle of St George and the monastery. They are maintained poorly and they are difficult to find even though they are right next to the main road. Nevertheless they are quite interesting and worth a visit.
The tombs were found intact full of gifts and items to accompany the diseased in the underworld. These are of high quality and can be seen in the archaeological museum in Argostoli. The site itself presents a complete burial ground of 16 tombs that contain 83 graves in total.


Megali Petra


Avithos is a beautiful sandy beach very popular with locals and tourists alike. There is parking facility, a nice local taverna a lifeguard and a canteen functioning that also provides sun beds. This does not mean that you can not find a quiet spot as the beach stretches on forever. It is actually linked to Paliolinos beach that is very close from Spartia. Also separated by rocks from Avithos is Megali Petra beach which is equally charming but much quieter as there are no facilities there. The beach of Megalipetra is also reached by a footpath but be careful where to park and not to go too far down the road.
The little island Dias is in constant view in the horizon. This little island used to house a temple devoted to Zeus but now instead houses a small chapel for Saint Diotissa.



Lourdas beach is located in Lourdata village just off the road from Vlahata village. The beach combines sand and pebble and the waters are crystal clear but there is a dirt track and cement along the back of the beach which is not very nice . It is well organised and offers all the necessary services and usually has water sport facilities during the summer.



All these places are a 5-10 minute drive from our apartments.

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