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The Entrance to the Stellatos Appartments



Information about the surrounding area

These apartments are conveniently situated in the village of Spartia, 12 km south of Argostoli. The accommodation is less than 2 km from a lovely beach with easy access to the famous beaches of Long Beach(Makris & Platis Gialos), Avithos and Lourdas. Mount Ainos,often capped with snow well into the spring offers our guests the chance to experience a beautiful mountain scenery through their window.

The area surrounding Spartia village provides many places to visit and discover. There are three main beaches.


Klimatsias is the one that is popular with the locals. There are two parts to this beach. A sandy part and a rocky part. Access is very easy as there is a huge parking area and a main road leading up to it.


There is also a very beautiful café/bar and fish restaurant called Waterway, which ranks among the best on the island. Snacks and refreshments can also be bought/had at the Panas Hotel, which is also situated at the Klimatsias beach. The rocks and clay in the surroundings are full of fossils. A little church, Agios Nikolaos, just adds the last touch to this traditional landscape.


Hatzokli beach is on the left side of Klimatsias beach. These two beaches are separated by a small promenade used by local fishermen and tourists. Hatzokli is a very long sandy beach. This is the place to escape human contact. Very few people can be seen along this beach strip even during August mainly due to the high rock formation encircling the beach. There have been occasions of rocks falling onto the beach during the past (mainly during winter) but there are no records of any accidents. As it is very close from Klimatsias beach they share most of the common facilities.


Thermanti is the well-known secret. Many people come year after year to pass their holiday vacation in Spartia village only to spend long sunny days at this little spot that escaped paradise. The biggest drawback of this beach is accessibility. Cars can be parked along the road where the path trail starts. From this point on a 5 minute walk is required which can be a little steep and challenging (specially on a hot day) but worth all the effort none the less. There is no sign indicating where the path starts (or even that there is a beach in fact) therefore make sure to inform yourself from the locals. There are no facilities on the beach, so if a long stay is planned be sure to get all the necessaries, like water etc., before you start going down the path trail.

Also there is cape Liakas. A beautiful spot to relax and enjoy a peaceful time. Take care if swimming as currents are known to be strong and the water is relatively deep. This is an excellent spot for snorkelling as the rocky bottom provides a good enviroment. The road is relatively narrow so take care.

These places are walking distance from Spartia although on a hot Summer day you would probably prefer the 5-10min ride to these spots.




A small museum dedicated to various artifacts & handicrafts that are related with the Owl and Hedgehog theme can be found right next to our apartments. Also during summer there are occasionally small concerts and performances (usually for children) that are organized by the founders of the museum. It is a privately established and run museum thanks to two German ladies that are staying in Spartia permanently.

There are many reasons that we could mention as to why choose to spent your holidays at our apartments except from our low prices which are hard to find. One of the main advantages is Spartia itself. It is a village that has been organizing itself according to tourist needs but is no way similar to places like Lasi that are solely tourist towns. In Spartia you will have the opportunity to meet local people but also say “Good morning”in your own language. Apart from that Spartia is very easily accessible yet at the same time quiet. It has lovely beaches that can be reached on foot and a great selection of beaches close by that would take more than an entire summer to discover. If you are a boat owner Spartia is one of the best spots to choose with its little harbor and people ready to help always close by. Spartia is a perfect place for a holiday and as a base for island exploring.

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